Traveling is mostly when you use the airport.

I can say that an airplane is .

I can say that an airplane is ... ・ ・ ・. The moment of takeoff is exciting and exciting, I like that feeling I can not say anything like that. To be honest, when you are on an airplane you always doubt that ""Is this really flying?"" When you take off you can see the scenery below and you can feel that you are flying, but as you are on the clouds I feel doubt that you are flying as there is no speed at all. Oh yeah, it was my favorite plane. I have an airplane of memories. It is Airbus A300 airplane of Japan Air System and Boeing 777 Rainbow Seven. . First, the A300 is an exquisite coloring airplane, the whole is white and indigo, yellow and orange lines are included. The rainbow seven is also beautiful coloring, the whole is white and the emerald green, pink, sky blue line is wrapped around the aircraft. I think these two planes were airplanes with a sense. These two planes still remember vividly as they are an airplane on board when traveling in Okinawa. Of course, my favorite airport is Naha airport, I think that the place where you can see American fighter aircraft is also unusual.