Traveling is mostly when you use the airport.

When traveling by airplane, I can wait at the airport.

When traveling by airplane, I can wait at the airport. Previously, when I told Yoron Island of Kagoshima to play, I also used the airport. Breakfast at Haneda airport in the morning, using waiting time. Also check the weather and information of the destination. Saxophone at Naha Airport in the daytime. This was delicious. And trouble occurred here. It is said that an airplane destined for Narita Airport from Yoron Island will be delayed due to equipment problems. Moreover, the schedule for restoration is undecided and it is totally stopped at Naha airport. But, there is Okinawa. Also at the airport 's souvenir department are different from those of the mainland. There were a variety of awamori. I tried it unexpectedly. Delicious! It is! In my case, one of the pleasures of traveling was souvenir shop tour and eating walk, so it was fun walking in the airport. Well, I arrived at Yoron Island safely and played for a while, I used Kagoshima Airport on my way back. I tried Tonkotsu noodles here. There is something of the land in the airport and it is fun. The facilities are quite convenient and interesting, and it is something unexpectedly bored.