Traveling is mostly when you use the airport.

How to enjoy at the airport .

How to enjoy at the airport ... I am thinking how to write today. . . I have not been to the airport yet, so I can not write an article, but the airport that comes out on TV drama, the airport song of Teresa Teng, or whatever in my dream I am thinking about writing about the airport. . . There are two people who are happy in the airport of TV ・ drama, there are two goodbye. If I change my point of view I think that there are scenery riding the plane only by grandchildren to grandparents & grandmothers in summer vacation. . . Or, there is a senior yearly trip, and the airport is the entrance if it is compared to the house, for example! It is! Everyone can go out from the entrance, suck the outside air, refresh and come back! It is! I'm back! It is! It is a feeling airport. . . Airports where both international and domestic passengers are from abroad ... ... My dream is not to be a parting airport, it is an airport to go on a mature trip. . . Someday, I'd like to go to Hokkaido by plane. . . I would like to try delicious crab & sea urchin & potato & corn etc and go to Asahiyama Zoo. . . I can enjoy it with the word airport. . . Believe that someday will come true